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Pneumatic Seed Drills for Vegetables

Agricola Italiana equipment is suitable for sowing all types of vegetables. Their versatile machines can be fitted with as many seeding units as required, and are equipped with everything necessary to handle many different types of seed.

Inside the seeding units a disc turns in the opposite direction of travel. This direction of rotation minimizes “bounce” from the seeds resulting in them being placed much more accurately. A Norton gear system allows you to adjust the seed spacing simply and quickly. A 10+10 gearbox is standard. The toolbar ensures easy movement of the seeding units to obtain the required distances between the rows. All sowing units are equipped with top and bottom singulators to ensure accurate singulation, and with four sprockets for the rotation of the disc.

Agricola Italiana seed drills have a separate aspiration and compression system. A separate compressor is used to keep the seed holes in the disc clear, rather than relying on the exhaust of the suction fan. This ensures that only dry and clean air, at the correct pressure, is used. This is particularly important with small seeds, especially if they are dressed or dusty.