Carcass Grinder

Our prototype BCG - 1 model as shown is powered by a 70Hp John Deere that provide the hydraulic motors & pumps the power they need to function smoothly. A key safety feature built into the BCG - 1 is the power plants ability to run continuous with the cutting auger only engaging when the lid is in the closed position. Initial testing has shown remarkable results in speed and function. It is capable of processing 6 full size carcasses in 15 Minutes with the finished product using up the complete space allowed in the freight totes. No wasted product, time or space with minimal handling required. The Power plant mounted controls allow one operator to adjust RPM for auger speed as well as the conveyor. A P.L.C was implemented into the controls so the operator could adjust auger direction time or preset to suit. The cutting teeth are designed to function forward or reverse which makes for a very quick processing time. The end result is a stand-alone "grinder" that allows a single operator to process carcasses with minimal handling, in a clean and safe environment.