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The multi-row rototiller performs an intense mechanical weed killing between the rows of the crops at speeds of 6-10 km/h, pulverizing the ground without damaging the plants.

The working elements, besides handling the destruction of almost 100% of the present weeds, are also able to create a good refinement of the ground surface. Moreover the multi-row rototiller levels the soil to improve the action of harvesting machines.


Thanks to their strength and versatility, these inter-row cultivators can weed, ridge and spread manure on every type of ground, on any crop from 300 to 1000 mm and with speed from 5 to 12 km/h. These machines are superior to the others available on the market thanks to their high manufacturing quality. Their frames are very thick. They can be easily adjusted, regulated and they come with ball bearings and bushings.

The rolling cultivator RH/ ROMEO allows fast and essential operations for a good work of the soil: - it prepares the bed of seeding, breaking the superficial crust; - after the seeding, it breaks the crust which delays or hinders the birth of the bud; - it oxygenates and it humidifies a uniform way the soil, facilitating the growth of little plants and making them more resistant to drought.; all without any damage to the plants.


The use of Badalini subsoilers allows you to reduce environmental impact, it improves the characteristics of the ground which, leads to the following advantages:

  • reduced power absorbed by the tractor
  • greater speed and depth of job
  • less necessary fuel consumption
  • save on the costs of irrigation and drainage
  • possibility of use in combination with other equipment
  • diminution of the compacting of the ground and at the same time good leveling off of the ground thanks to back discs or roller
  • they reduce the stagnation of the water on the surface and are kind during intense rains
  • they favor the formation of reserves of water and the regulation of the drainage

Fertilizer Distributors

The fertilizer distributor Badalini model SPX/ PEGASUS has been projected for use on open field with many options that surely make it interesting for the professional operators. The great versatilities of the working width and the range of accessories can satisfy very specific demands. This equipment is great for localized fertilizing. SPX/ PEGASUS allows notable savings of fertilizer, distributing it only where it is necessary.

Disc Harrows

EPX/ RAGNO allows to carefully mince the ground, turning it on itself to enable the burial of the rest of the cultivation.

Besides the break-up, with the disc harrow you can rough the ground and level it off in the superficial part.

EPX/ RAGNO is very useful both on the unbroken ground, with cultivation residues to be buried, and on the ground previously ploughed, for interrupting the action of bud of the weeds.