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Mechanical planters

FX Planter

The Ferrari transplanter FX can work with small sods of every shape (cylindrical, conical, pyramidal) normal or pre-compressed in plastic, polystyrene or disposable trays. The machine has been made to solve the most difficult transplanting problems with lettuce; however there is a wide variety of vegetables which can be transplanted with this transplanter (onion, leek, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, endive, etc.). The only limit presented is by the plants dimension, which cannot be higher than 15 cm. Each FX unit is independent and equipped with a parallelogram system floating on the ground, in order to guarantee a top performance even in the most difficult conditions. Each unit can transplant up to 5,000 plants per hour.

F-MAX Planter

The F MAX EVOLUTION transplanting machine is suitable for transplanting a wide variety of vegetables from tomatoes to cabbages, aubergines, peppers, long-leaved salads and tobacco. The machine can be fed with many different types of modules: pyramidal, cylindrical, conic and on request also with square blocks (but only if the leaves are long and big enough). Each work station (unit) is equipped with an 8 cartridge rotary carousel which eases the operators' task of loading, permitting an average work capacity of 3,500 plants per hour per row

Multipla Planter

This transplanting machine for modules contains all the best characteristics which in the years differentiated the working quality of the F MAX for what concerns the way it plants, the excellent soil recovering, the depth constancy as well as the low missing plants percentage (less than 2%).

This model, with its double carousel, can be fed in the double row by just one operator.
Obviously the output remains the same as the one of a single person that is 3,500 plants per hour.
Another valuable characteristic concerns the soil adherence system which is completely independent, with a parallelogram and a spring for dosing pressure.

The front rubber roller and press rubber wheels grant an excellent planting operation even in wet conditions. The only adjustment requests are for the depth. The big and practical cube shaped tray-holder allows a minimum supply of 25 trays. This machine plants in diamond and row width varies from 38 to 50 cm in the standard version, adjustable every 2 cm.

FX Multipla Planter

Thanks to its configuration, this machine is suitable for planting lettuce and chicory in modules. The units of the machine have all the characteristics of MULTIPLA; above all there is the possibility to reduce the work force on the machine (e.g. a 4 row machine can be managed by only 2 operators).

FPA Planter & Plastic Layer

FPA is a mechanical transplanter that can transplant plants in conical and cylindrical sod up to 7 cm of diameter. It can work on plastic film, paper film and bare ground, both in greenhouses and an open field.

This machine can be combined with the Ferrari film layer FP, with the aim of carrying out the two operations at the same time and with one machine only.

The first step consists on laying the plastic film down (polyethylene, biodegradable and paper) and on covering it by ploughshares that are adjustable in height and in depth. At the same tim, the FPA machine transplants plants through the film.

Automatic planters

Futura Planter

This machine has been developed to have high-technology characteristics. It has been studied for the automatic transplant of vegetables in modules placed in trays. It needs exclusively one operator who puts the single planting element inside the charging slide of the tray.

This device can house up to 2 plant-holder panels, according to their dimensions. Each element of the machine is provided with a system which automatically pulls out, from the longer side of the tray, the all plants of the same row, in beatings of 2 (from 7 to 11 plants each stroke).

Futura Twin Planter

This new transplanter is the evolution of the standard version FUTURA. This model was studied to transplant two rows with one transplanting element: in this way it is possible to reduce the minimum row distance between the rows up to 30 cm. This new version allows transplanting vegetables that could not be transplanted with the futura standard; in fact it is able to transplant different vegetable varieties: tomato in double rows, lettuce, chicory, celery and cabbage.